Two Siblings & A Restaurant

April 7, 2022

Ko Zaw and Ma Ni have been managing the restaurant business for over a decade now, opening different restaurants in many different places. Between the two, Ko Zaw is the chef and Ma Ni takes care of the overall management of the shop.

The siblings originated from Kawlin, a town in the Sagaing Division. They first came to Yangon with the intent of finding an opportunity to work abroad, however, they were destined to run their own business.

Ko Zaw always had a thing for cooking. And Ma Ni gave full support to her brother. They opened their first shop at Sanchaung in 2006. It was a takeaway lunch box shop with a monthly payment system. Till this day, they have remained in the restaurant business.

Chances are that if you are a graduate of YUFL, you are probably familiar with Ko Zaw and Ma Ni. They also ran a canteen stall in the university compound for a couple of years. Everyone in the school loved the sibling duo as they have always treated students, teachers and staff well, just like family.

In 2018, they stopped participating in the canteen tender and opened their current restaurant, “Ni Ni Food and Drink,” at Thaketa.

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