The nickname – “Bway Tote”

March 30, 2022

Give me a Burmese name more typical than “Bway Tote.” I bet you couldn’t, right? It’s kind of like a traditional name our ancestors often used to call young village girls. What’s interesting is that it’s also the childhood nickname of Bway Tote shop owner.

Ah Tee Family has been in the farming business for many years now — organic vegetables, seasonal fruits, and free range eggs.  And Bway Tote restaurant is naturally their next step.

Bway Tote’s menu is a mixture of traditional and popular modern food like Fried Mamee Noodles and Fried Potato Sticks. One thing for sure is that all the food you will find at Bway Tote is super fresh because they use the ingredients that come straight from their own farms. A perfect example of farm to table culture.

Fresh milk from Thanlyin cattle farm, Jaggery Tamarind Juice to cool down the summer heat, Korean Sandwiches with Bway Tote’s special sauce, Spicy and hot Rakhine Mont Di, Burmese Traditional Steamed Sweet Potato with Coconut Milk, these are just part of the colorful menu available at Bway Tote.  Simply mouth-watering!

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