Phyoe & Soe

April 5, 2022

Calling all Rakhine food lovers…..delight your palates with spicy dishes from Phyoe & Soe’s Kitchen. 

Rakhine foods are famous for their hot and spicy tastes with little oil or no oil in them, which is a stark contrast to Burmese curry. But not everyone can handle the level of spiciness in Rakhine foods.  Some of us, like Soe, deliberately search for Rakhine food shops in the city to enjoy that spiciness. She decided to try home cooking when Covid put a temporary stop to her Japanese language teaching job. Soe’s choice was, of course, her favorite Rakhine dishes.

Soe’s home-cooked Spicy and Sour Rakhine Fish Soup and Rakhine Mont Di are popular items on the menu. It turns out that Soe herself is a fan of her mom’s cooking. “There are only a few shops in Yangon that have Black Pepper Mohinga on the menu. So I nagged my mom to recreate my favorite food,” Soe said. 

The best-selling item of Phyoe & Soe’s Kitchen is the Black Pepper Mohinga cooked with three different fishes (Sccobranch catfish, Freshwater catfish, and Mrigal). It’s no wonder that it is their customers’ favorite breakfast dish!

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