One step at a time

April 5, 2022

Damn hot, yet damn good! Behind this spicy “Mala Ahbyal Sein” dish is a 24-year-old girl called Su, the owner of Sumo Snack Shop.

Like most of the 90’s kids, Su has so much passion for developing and growing her own business. Back in 2017, she started selling hot dogs in front of her house. “At the start, I didn’t have enough money to open a food shop. I would work my full-time job on weekdays and sell hot dogs with a food cart during weekends.” Su talked about the earlier days of her food business. She worked hard and saved money for years to finally achieve her dream. Even then, the hardships continued.

There were times she ran out of funds and had to close the shop temporarily. At those times, she would save money and build up her dream from scratch again and again. Gradually, she left her office work so that she could fully commit to the food shop. “Now that I own a food shop, my next step is to branch out into other townships,” Su said. But her dream is far from finished. Su’s ultimate goal is to open a modern Burmese snack shop where customers can enjoy Burmese snacks paired with Burmese tea.

Sumo Snack Shop is a remarkable milestone of a young girl who is trying to make her dreams become a reality, one little step at a time.

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