Let’s dance and cook

March 30, 2022

From a K-Pop dancer to an amateur cook, Pysmon’s Foodie is an inspiring story of a young boy and the start of his cooking adventure.

A-19-year-old Kaung’s dream is to be an artist. While studying at the University of Art and Culture, he founded a K-Pop dance group called ‘Team Illusion’ together with like-minded friends. “When Covid hit, I could no longer continue my studies. The same goes for our dance group. All the plans we made had gone awry. It would be a lie if I said I was fine.” Kaung shared his feelings of frustration. However even in an adverse situation, there’s always a bright side. The unexpected halt of Kaung’s dancer life has led him to engage in his other hobby, cooking. He used his stage name ‘Pysmon’ and started Psymon’s Foodie.

Whether it’s dancing or cooking, practice makes perfect. It’s the universal truth. Kaung used to spend hours and hours perfecting his dance moves. Now, he does the same thing for cooking. If you are a fan of fast foods like Burgers, Sandwiches, and Korean Fried Chicken, try them from Psymon’s Foodie. You won’t be disappointed. Because Kaung always makes sure that his foods taste as good as they look.

Although no one knows what the future holds, Kaung is full of hope for the coming days. While his passion for dance will never die, he won’t give up on his dream of becoming an artiste. In the meantime, he will keep making tasty foods for Psymon’s Foodie.

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