It’s Takoyaki Time!

April 5, 2022

You might have noticed a small takoyaki shop around the corner of Man Pyae 6th street if you live in the area. Who knows, you could already be a regular customer of that shop.

Aye and her husband are longtime residents of Man Pyae 3rd Quarter, who have been selling Thai snacks before making Takoyaki. “It hasn’t been that long since we opened this shop, right?” Aye affirmed with her husband. “Yeah, I think it was at the start of this year, 1st month of 2021,” he replied while flipping the takoyaki balls. KAUNG Takoyaki shop title was derived from their little boy’s name.

Previously, Aye was a bank employee and her husband worked at a travel and tourism company. They both lost their jobs due to the Covid pandemic, which led them to this food business. It seems like KAUNG Takoyaki is doing quite well at the moment. Neighbors like their takoyaki, and there is no shortage of customers in front of their shop.

Lately, this Japanese food is becoming a favorite snack for people of all ages. What’s unique about KAUNG Takoyaki is that Aye couple uses their homemade sauce. And for the record, their little boy’s favorite pick is cheese takoyaki. Make sure you try that when you are next at their stall!

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