I miss my hometown

March 26, 2022

“Yoe thar hla tae shan kalay
Sar tae htamin san kout hnyin
Shin shin pyaw tat tr har doh shan pl”

One can’t help but become nostalgic for Shan State and Shan food you hear this famous national song by Sai Saing Maw.

Ma Nan’s family was originally from Loi Leng, who moved to Yangon during her childhood. As someone born and raised in Shan State, she has never forgotten her real roots. Shan traditional cuisine is most certainly her favorite comfort food.

Amongst the plethora of popular foods in Myanmar, Hin Htoke and Fish Rice Salad have rightfully earned their place as the signature foods of Shan people,

The start of “Foodies Kitchen” was, honestly, a spur-of-the-moment decision. Due to the Covid pandemic, Ma Nan took a break from her full-time job. Her mother was a teacher who also became a stay-at-home grandmother because schools were closed.

Therefore, Man Nan and her mom decided to start making Shan snacks at home, partly because they were free, but most of all, they missed their hometown food. They are looking forward to the day when they can visit Loi Leng again.

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