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What’s New in the GROW Marketplace?

Two Siblings & A RestaurantFood

GROW TeamApril 7, 2022

Two Siblings & A Restaurant

Ko Zaw and Ma Ni have been managing the restaurant business for over a decade now, opening different restaurants in many different places. Between the two, Ko Zaw is the chef and Ma Ni takes care of the overall management of the shop.

The siblings originated from Kawlin, a town in the Sagaing Division. They first came to Yangon with the intent of finding an opportunity to work abroad, however, they were destined to run their own business.

Ko Zaw always had a thing for cooking. And Ma Ni gave full support to her brother. They opened their first shop at Sanchaung in 2006. It was a takeaway lunch box shop with a monthly payment system. Till this day, they have remained in the restaurant business.

Chances are that if you are a graduate of YUFL, you are probably familiar with Ko Zaw and Ma Ni. They also ran a canteen stall in the university compound for a couple of years. Everyone in the school loved the sibling duo as they have always treated students, teachers and staff well, just like family.

In 2018, they stopped participating in the canteen tender and opened their current restaurant, “Ni Ni Food and Drink,” at Thaketa.

From fashion…to foodFood

GROW TeamApril 7, 2022

From fashion…to food

Aunty Khin has been working as a fashion designer for over 15 years, a true veteran in the fashion design industry. She has created many gorgeous dresses for famous actresses and models. So why did she decide to become a home cook? Well, let’s find out together.

“I wanted my children to follow in my footsteps, but unfortunately, none of them wanted to become fashion designers. Rather, they are more interested in cooking.” Aunty Khin explained the reason she decided to set up a food business. Fresh is the legacy she intends to leave for her children.

Aunty Khin is known for her skills in creating beautiful clothing. However, not many know the fact that she is also a superb cook. Aunty Khin said that she had inherited the cooking skills from her grandma, who was a native of Mawlamyine. “I am not even half as good as my grandma.” she humbly remarked. Aunty Khin’s grandma has taught her cooking as a life skill. And now, it’s her turn to use this life skill as a foundation for her children’s future. Who knows, it could be the work of fate for her family.

Aunty Khin’s cooking is perfect for those who like savory flavors. On the days you don’t feel like cooking at home, you can order the frozen dishes from Fresh. Reheat at home, and you got yourself a ready-to-eat meal. Super convenient.


GROW TeamApril 5, 2022

A Rakhine family

There is a reason why cooking and tailoring are specifically labeled as life skills. Because once you’ve mastered them, they can become powerful tools to make a living.

Aunty San is well versed in both. Before starting a home-cooked food shop, she tailored clothes for her neighbourhood customers. Myat Yeik was her daughter’s idea. “My mom is a native of Rakhine. So, Rakhine traditional foods are everyday meals at home, and my sister and I grew up liking them. When Covid happened, mom’s tailoring work didn’t fare as well as it used to be. That’s when we first tried to open a Rakhine food shop,” Myat, Aunty San’s daughter, said.

From leaf salads to meat dishes, all kinds of Rakhine traditional meals are available at Myat Yeik. Some people mistakenly believe that Rakhine dishes taste “fishy”. Aunty San only uses groundnut oil for cooking, and even then, Rakhine delicacies naturally include less oil or no oil at all.  One of the must-try items of Myat Yeik is Rakhine Chicken Curry. The addition of Nettle leaves bring out the mouthwatering flavor to the maximum — spicy and delicious!

Managed by the mom and daughter duo, Myat Yeik is the right place for those who would like to enjoy authentic home-cooked Rakhine meals.

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