GROW Features

Partner App Features

GROW supports small businesses around you. Learn how we do it.

  • Product Listings and Management

    Conveniently customise your online store by uploading your product photos, adding price tags and the stock numbers to them.

  • Order Processing

    • Check how many orders you’ve got and process their shipment right away!
    • Cancel orders if deemed reasonable.
    • Track orders right in the app

  • Inbox

    • Know your customers, negotiate and accept orders in your own “Chats” section
    • Receive real-time notifications from your customers and/or runners

  • Partner / Seller Sign-Up

    • Register as an individual or corporate partner
    • Receive free training on how to use the GROW app for your business
    • Claim your business and manage your store on the go!

  • Get Featured

    Get featured on how your business has started and how it is thriving. Create stories that inspire.

  • Monthly and Holiday Carousel

    Be in the spotlight for more sales by making it to our monthly and holiday carousel displays.

Buyer App Features

Support your neighbours’ businesses now with GROW App.

  • Shop Wherever, Whenever

    • Browse from the wide array of products and services available like FOOD (local meals, desserts, beverages), CRAFTS (DIY, knitted scarf, painting) and SERVICES (home repair, laundry service, etc.)
    • Quality products and well-known services are in, including supporting start-ups and your favourite local stores.
    • Shop conveniently and have your orders delivered by our runners.
    • Explore featured highlights and discover our Partners’ success stories.

  • Get Daily Notifications

    Get updated every day with the most recent offers, deals and discounts

  • Earn as a Runner

    Want to earn during your free time? Apply as a runner and get the opportunity to help and know your community more!

  • Likes

    Bookmark the stuff you love to remind you what you need to purchase next. Stay updated with its price change every time you tap your liked products and offers.

  • Inquiry

    Send your queries and get answered in no time. Make sure to satisfy your questions before finally tapping the order button.

  • Discover Hidden Gems Near You

    Explore cool shops nearby and discover offers that suit you best.

  • Full-Scale Search Filters

    • Search and order faster with the app’s full-scale search options. Filter your choices and find your order in no time.
    • Search product and store names easily using keywords

  • Instant and Pre-Order Options

    Order at ease. Choose “Instant” or “Pre-order” options according to your preference and needs.

  • Order Tracker

    Get updated with the status of your orders in the Tracker Dashboard. Know if it’s ready for pickup or delivery with just a few taps.

  • Secure Payment Options

    • Enjoy quick and convenient purchase processes with our intuitive interface, allowing you to transact securely and seamlessly.
    • Currently, our payment options include KBZ Bank, KBZ Pay, Wave Pay, AYA Pay, UAB Sai Sai Pay, M-Pite San, One Pay, MPU card, Visa card, Mastercard and JCB cards. However, COD and instalment options are not available.

  • Feedback / Reviews

    Leave your reviews and comments on how much you love their products. Help our seller partners improve and inspire them if they’ve done a great job!