Frequently Asked Questions

GROW is a community virtual market-place – an app that connects sellers to buyers, facilitated by a localized network of individuals who can offer delivery services. An e-commerce platform where you can buy or sell home-cooked food, restaurant cuisine, local products, arts & handicrafts and even, a range of home services.

While other apps only offer food products, GROW app also caters to other small businesses such as arts, crafts and home service. We also want the GROW app to serve as a community platform where both buyers and sellers can participate in interesting and memorable events in their local communities.

GROW currently serves in Yangon, Myanmar.

Yes, you got it right! The GROW is free to use.

To become our partner, you can contact GROW through 09771003555 (or) fill the partners’ pre-registration form HERE.

For our early adopters, it is free to manage orders for the first 6 months. The commission will be 15% after the promotion period. (Registration and claiming your listing = free)

No. If you can deliver items on your own or if the buyers pick up themselves, there’s no need to use GROW delivery runners from the community.

For those who can’t handle the daily delivery of the orders on your own, you can hire the runners in the community who will help pick up the items from your shop and deliver them to the customers.

Currently, selected partners are given free production (photo-shoot & interview) as a privilege without any fees or charges.

Yes, of course, you can use the app both for pre-order and instant-buy.

If you want to deactivate your shop, you have to contact our help centre.

Your sales will be transferred to your bank account once a week on every Friday.

Currently, there is no kilometre limit yet as we are accommodating selected townships for now.

The GROW application will show the runner’s location and can check if it has been successfully delivered.

In general, there are a few factors that can influence your sales performance:

The ranking of your shop within the shop list and categories.
The number of customers who are familiar with your brand and have already ordered from you or used your service.
The experience of customers who have ordered from you and whether they will order again.

Your ranking within the listing will improve over time as you receive more orders. Increasing your sales can also be achieved by optimising your shop menu. To increase the conversion rate of your orders, we recommend offering value bundles that provide more value to your customers. For example, you can offer optional add-ons to your most popular offers. Attractive photos and clear product descriptions have also been proven to have a positive impact on conversion rates.

You can view your shop’s rating under the review tag.

You may always reach GROW’s support team via the Help Centre. You may also contact us via our hotline at 09 771003555

After you download the GROW application, you can sign in using your phone number and can start exploring exciting local products, cuisines and services.

GROW self pick-up is a service which allows you to place self pick-up orders through the GROW app and collect your items from the shop when it is ready.

GROW runners will pick up the items from the shop and deliver it to you.
While for GROW Self Pick-up, the items will be picked up by you when the order is ready.

You’ll be able to put in any special request in the “Special Instructions” field before you add the food item to the Basket, and we’ll do our best to serve you.

We understand that safety and security are of utmost importance for anyone ordering items online via a delivery service. At GROW, we’re committed to educating and supporting our sellers and runners on how to prepare and handle your orders with care.

Sorry, you can’t combine orders from multiple shops within the same order.
Instead, you can place separate orders from each shop.
(Note that each order will have a separate delivery fee.)

Like you, we take ratings very seriously! It’s about integrity, building mutual respect & trust that fosters the true community spirit! It’s an open, fair & transparent game for all who chooses to be part of this market-place, striving for good ratings and reputation. By giving honest ratings, you will help others buy with confidence!

Yes, you can order up to xx days, based on the choices made available by each shop. While ordering, you can choose the date and time when you want it delivered.

Yes. During checkout, just update the name and delivery address of the person you’re ordering for.

Based on the range between your delivery location and the shop’s location, it will be around 500ks to 1000ks delivery fee for every order. Alternatively, the delivery fee can change based on your order, but it will clearly displayed in the app.

You can pay for your order using e-wallet or mobile banking.

Before proceeding to check-out, you may cancel an order anytime. But after payment has been deducted, you can no longer cancel an order.

When the item is out of stock or there are difficulties in fulfilling or delivering that order, your order might be cancelled.

We will provide a full refund for the cancelled order due to the mentioned reasons above.

To become our GROW delivery runner, you can contact us through our hotline number 09771003555 (or) fill the GROW runner’s registration form HERE.

For the time being, we calculate the delivery fee based around the locations within a township, but in the next phase, we will calculate on the basis of distance (km).

Currently, the delivery fee is 1,000 MMK within the same township.

For example: from Saturday to Friday this week = will transfer to bank account next Thursday.

You can look at the delivery route in the GROW application. (with app screenshot)

You can use the GROW app as long as you have an Android 5 or iOS 10.

Kindly troubleshoot with the provided steps below:

Tap on the ‘Settings’
Look for ‘Apps’, then tap on it
Look for ‘GROW Partner App’, then tap on it
Tap on ‘Force Stop’, then tap ‘OK’.
Following that, tap ‘Storage’.
Tap on ‘Clear Data’, then tap ‘OK’.
Tap on ‘Clear Cache’.

Please make sure that your device is connected to a stable WiFi network, then navigate back into the GROW Partner App after doing the troubleshooting steps.

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