Everybody loves fried chicken

April 5, 2022

You can’t say you have tasted the best fried chicken in Yangon unless you have tried it from Crisp One.

Shihlin Taiwan is a popular food chain in Malaysia selling street snacks from Taiwan’s night markets. Kyaw had worked there for about 8 years and picked up a few techniques in making street food. Crisp One fried chicken is Kyaw’s rendition of the original recipe of Shihlin Taiwan restaurant.

The first time Kyaw made fried chicken after coming back to Myanmar was at his daughter’s birthday.  He received a lot of good feedback from the guests, who said that it was better than any other fried chicken they have ever tried before.  His daughter really liked it, too. Hence, Kyaw was encouraged to start a fried chicken shop.

Crisp One is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. And Kyaw doesn’t use MSG in his secret recipe.  Among the menu items, the Stuffed Boneless Chicken Wings is a must-try for fried chicken fans. After boiling in water, the wings got deboned and stuffed with chicken meat, sticky rice, and vegetables. Then, they are fried using sunflower oil. It’s everyone’s favorite pick.

Take a bite, and you will know that there is no exaggeration. 

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