Cooking makes me happy

March 26, 2022

No matter how good the other foods are, some feel satisfied only when eating Burmese curry and rice. Even then, home cooking and restaurant cooking tastes different. “Mei Thi” is for those who are craving home-cooked Burmese meals.

Ma Thi’s family used to manage express buses for local Pagoda tours. However, the tourism industry has been dealt a severe blow by the Covid pandemic. Her business was affected and went into hiatus. She brainstormed what she could do to survive…

Ma Thi used to help her mom out in the kitchen when she was growing up. Cooking has become her favorite hobby ever since and she finds joy in preparing daily meals for her family. Now, the time has finally come for her to show off her marvelous cooking skills.

From popular meals such as Crab Masala to hard-to-cook ones such as the Climbing Perch Curry, Ma Thi can whip up a wide variety of curry dishes. On days when you don’t feel like cooking, try her home-cooked meals instead.

Or better yet, take a visit to Ma Thi’s house. You will find lovely village-style huts where you can sit and enjoy heartwarming meals together with your family.

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