April 5, 2022

If you are a K-Drama fan, you need no further explanation for what “Ajumma” means. Interestingly in our mother tongue, it’s the same pronunciation as that Korean word for a married middle-aged woman or “Aunty”. Here in Myanmar, there is a Burmese Ajumma who has excellent cooking skills. Her name is Hnin.

Hnin has the habit of dressing like an old lady. That’s why her colleagues at work gave her a nickname out of affection; they call her Ajumma. Managing the house chores while working a full-time job is very tiring for Hnin. The life of a home cook isn’t as easy as it seems. However, no matter how busy she is, Hnin enjoys cooking and preparing meals by herself. “My biggest fan is my husband. He never says a bad thing about my cooking,” she said with a pleased tone. Hnin has a Facebook page on which she occasionally shares her favorite cooking recipes whenever she could find some time.

One of the special dishes of Ajumma is Marinated Prawn Salad. Hnin perfectly knows how to remove fishy odor from the prawn. “Whenever my friends visit us, she would make that dish for us. She herself wasn’t a fan of uncooked dishes. But she prepares it specifically because she knows my friends and I like it. And we do like it very much,” Hnin’s husband remarked. Another popular dish is the girls’ favorite Crab Masala Curry. The use of Hnin’s homemade gravy is what makes it really flavorsome.

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