A warm treat for a “no cooking” day

March 26, 2022

It isn’t an exaggeration to say Yangon is the kitchen of Myanmar. Being the central point where different food cultures converge, from regional dishes to cuisines originating from neighboring countries like China and India, almost all kinds of food you can think of is available at Yangon. One of the foods we are all familiar with is Lor Mee, or as we call it in Burmese tongue, ‘Kor Ye Khout Swal.’

“My mother-in-law is from Mawlamyine. And she is super good at cooking. I think my wife inherited the skills from her mom.” said the husband of Marilynn. “Our family is always making some food at home whenever we are free. Kor Ye Khout Swal was my sister’s idea. She is a resident at Star City, so we happened to start selling it at Fresh Market.” she added.

What makes her Kor Ye Khout Swal different is that the broth is thin and more flavorful unlike the thick and glutinous broths we are used to eating. The addition of shiitake mushroom also brings out a pleasant and savory aroma that stimulates our appetite. Combine the delicious broth with E Kyar Kway and noodle, and eat it together with her homemade fish paste. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the taste is perfect. It’s super good! Marilynn also has a Facebook page called Lady KK “Cook with Love” on which she posts her cooking. Make sure to check it out if you are a fan of delicious dishes.

Well, don’t bother cooking for today. Let’s just order Kor Ye Khour Swal!

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