A Taste of the Sea

March 27, 2022

Have a craving for seafood? Prawn, Crab, Cuttlefish, Squid, Octopus – the freshest seafood dishes in town are available at Ma Ma Zar’s home kitchen. But hey, be prepared for a strong kick of heat in your mouth.

Zar herself is a big fan of seafood, especially when it comes to crab dishes. Her love for seafood was what inspired Zar to become interested in cooking. It was also the inspiration behind Ma Ma Zar. Actually, Zar wasn’t a stranger to the food business. Previously, she had run a food exporting business under the name A May Kyi. No wonder Zar’s cooking is on point, although she had only self-learned from the internet and not joined any professional cooking classes before.

Ultimately, freshness determines the quality of seafood. That’s why Zar gets her seafood not from the market but directly from a local seafood supplier – to ensure that what she’s getting is as fresh as it can be. “When customers make an order, what they expect is a freshly prepared dish, not a pre-cooked one,” Zar said, “Of course, for a cook, it’s a lot of work. Luckily, my husband assists me in preparing the orders.” Zar’s efforts were not fruitless as she has earned many fans now. Many have become loyal customers of Ma Ma Zar.

For those who like Thai style taste, Ma Ma Zar’s cooking is a must to try. Flavorful seafood dishes are waiting for you!

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