A Rakhine family

April 5, 2022

There is a reason why cooking and tailoring are specifically labeled as life skills. Because once you’ve mastered them, they can become powerful tools to make a living.

Aunty San is well versed in both. Before starting a home-cooked food shop, she tailored clothes for her neighbourhood customers. Myat Yeik was her daughter’s idea. “My mom is a native of Rakhine. So, Rakhine traditional foods are everyday meals at home, and my sister and I grew up liking them. When Covid happened, mom’s tailoring work didn’t fare as well as it used to be. That’s when we first tried to open a Rakhine food shop,” Myat, Aunty San’s daughter, said.

From leaf salads to meat dishes, all kinds of Rakhine traditional meals are available at Myat Yeik. Some people mistakenly believe that Rakhine dishes taste “fishy”. Aunty San only uses groundnut oil for cooking, and even then, Rakhine delicacies naturally include less oil or no oil at all.  One of the must-try items of Myat Yeik is Rakhine Chicken Curry. The addition of Nettle leaves bring out the mouthwatering flavor to the maximum — spicy and delicious!

Managed by the mom and daughter duo, Myat Yeik is the right place for those who would like to enjoy authentic home-cooked Rakhine meals.

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