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Our Story

We are here to build a community-focused marketplace app that embraces everyone!

With this, we aim to create a sustainable e-commerce model that empowers the community, transforms the local economy, and improves lives and livelihoods.


GROW is building the world’s truly integrated next-gen / community platform that transforms the social economy and everyday life, enabling the creation of next-generation economic opportunities that everyone can access.


Get in touch with the local small businesses in your community, from craftsmen, artisans, home chefs, bakers to all tradespeople, with a simple click on our community marketplace.

Explore the Community’s
Hidden Gems

A one-stop platform for you to discover talents within your community, share your unique purchase, and experience the marketplace right at your fingertips.

Discover your city in one app

Connect with the budding artisans in your neighbourhood, learn what your friends and neighbours are enjoying and planning to buy.



Share the discovery of talents in the neighbourhood on the platform, along with your proud purchases and make friends with like-minded people who have similar interests as you!


Every creation has a story. Uncover the talented craftsmen in your community and learn about their intimate story of creation.


Join in the fun and experience the bustling marketplace in the comfort of your own home. Be a part of the movement to make a difference in the local community.